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About BHG

Blue Heron Projects is located in Coquitlam, British Columbia. Servicing from Whistler to the Fraser Valley. With over 10 years of industry experience, Blue Heron Projects can provide creative solutions for your drainage needs. We also offer leaf guard systems, built-in funnels, collection boxes, rain chains, and artistic downspouts. Blue Heron Projects is ready to assist you in determining your drainage needs. Blue Heron Projects also guarantees the highest quality of products with superior installation methods and excellent customer service.

     I take great pride in all my work and never leave a job until I am confident that your gutters are problem free. Since starting Blue Heron Projects in 2008, I have built strong relationships with local contractors and home-owners installing continuous gutters on new homes, renovations, as well as repairs and maintenance. I am confident you will be satisfied with the quality of my workmanship and my excellence in service. So whether you are looking for standard gutter installation, gutter replacement or a unique Half-Round (Euro Style) gutter system Blue Heron Gutters can care for your needs at competitive prices and only the best in quality.

--- 5 Year Warranty ---

Blue Heron Gutters warrants any improper installations,

ie; sloping, leaking corners, unfastened gutters, improper placement, and is under our personal 5 year warranty for any costs and labor.

We offer:

Commercial Style
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Ogee Style
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Half-Round Style
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Alu-Rex Leaf Screens
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Leaf Boxes
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Rain Chains
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We guarantee to always provide you with:

- Continuous Gutter Systems

- Minimal Maintenance

- Max Water Flow

- Professional Installation

- Aluminum, Copper, Zinc & Steel gutters


Half-round gutter systems have been around for over 100 years. Now that these systems are more affordable to the average customer the half- round gutter system is becoming more and more popular for there aesthetic appeal as well there extreme durability and superior functionality.

Half round gutters are ideal for heavy snow loads and extreme weather conditions, due to there strength and design.

5'' half-round profiles available in 10'' lengths Click here to learn more 6'' half-round profiles available in seamless lengths. Available in Aluminum and Steel to lower costs. Zinc and Copper, however, offer additional protection due to there soldered joints and look that can't be beat.

Artistic Downspouts
Interested in a unique addition to add to your Half-round or even add class to your standard gutter system?

        Now you can bring your personal style to the exterior of your home. Blue Heron Gutters offers beautiful artistic and architectural down spouts to suite your home. Gutters and down spouts are often a feature that home owners and builders want to camouflage or hide . However, these functional and artistic down spouts are sure to be a beautiful highlight feature on your home. These designs are stunningly paired with rain chains, rain barrels and other outdoor home decor to customize the look of your home.

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